My Winter 2021 Favorites

This is usually a monthly series on my favorite things (binge on 2019: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and 2020: January, February, March, April, May, June, July). I took a break last year and here we are in 2021! Working from home, eating at home, and doing everything at home makes me acutely aware of the things I now think I can’t live without! These are my winter favorites, but most will take you into spring. Cheers to warmer weather and the time change!

Favorite Loungewear/Pajamas

I’m obsessed with the combination of this Skims henley sleep shirt ($78)and Skims rib leggings ($52). I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be worn together but they’re both light enough to be comfy for sleeping and cover enough to be loungewear. For the price, it’s definitely a plus that they do double-duty. They’re worth the price for me. I have two sets, the sienna (below) and grey. I might add black into the mix because they’re just so amazing and comfy.

Photo from Skims (sold out), but Nordstrom still has most sizes in black and grey!

Favorite Clothing Item

Remember the before times when we got dressed every day? Ok, I do get dressed every day but it’s usually from night pajamas (see above) to day pajamas (leggings and a comfy top). I recently saw this sweater dress on a YouTuber’s fashion haul and fell in love with the style and the price ($29). I love the 80s vibe when worn off the shoulder with a bralette. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to wear it before winter ends!

Clearly, bra not included 😂
Too 80s with the slouchy boots?

Favorite Empty

This isn’t an indulgence for an at-home spa days, but an every day product I can’t live without. It doesn’t smell like anything special. It just WORKS. It’s rare that I totally empty out a product (other than the usual shower supplies) because I get bored, it expires, or buy something new I want to try. The O’Keeffe’s foot cream (like their lip balms, which I’ve also used until empty) is great to fix cracked, dry winter feet and keep them soft and pretty through the spring and summer. I love this stuff. I’m currently using their night treatment, but I’ll be going back to this one when it’s done.

Bonus: The rubber grip helps you get it back on after the product is on your hands!

Favorite Book

One of the best things about Greenlights is that it has something for everyone. Whether you’re a McConaughey fan, a movie fan, a self-help fan, a memoir fan (OMG, his parents!), or just want that sexy voice to help pass the time, you’ll find something to enjoy. Obviously, this is a great book to listen to on Audible because it’s read by McConaughey. The hardcover has a lot of photos to bring it alive. Another thing I like is that he promoted the book on any media outlet — conservative, liberal, podcast, legacy — that would have him.

Greenlight, Greenlight, Greenlight

Favorite Shoes

Come on, were you really expecting stilettos? You may think nearly $100 is pricey for slippers but I’m wearing them more than any other pair of shoes! Also, I found a way to save almost $25 — get a kid’s pair! I wear a 7–7.5 and the kid’s size 6 is a perfect fit. Honestly, I think they would fit an 8, too. If you’re a 6–6.5, the kid’s 5 would fit you. They come in a variety of colors in both kid and adult sizes. Of course, I got pink. They’re warm because they’re sheepskin, but the open back and toes keeps me from feeling claustrophobic. Is that weird? If you start clicking around, just make sure whatever you order has “Visit the Ugg Store” above the item so you’re not getting a fake pair!

I’m not like a regular adult. I’m a cool adult.

Note: By using some of the links above, I may be compensated through the Amazon Affiliate program and Magic Links. However, none of this content is sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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