My Monthly Lifestyle Favorites — May 2020

This is a monthly series on my favorite things (binge on 2019: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December and 2020: January, February, March, April). Sharing these items is an indulgence given all the serious news out there, so I always appreciate your clicks and claps!

I have been living in my new townhouse for about six weeks now. It’s very odd to move during a stay-at-home order. I have a new schedule in a new place, so I don’t quite feel settled. I feel like I’m in an Airbnb in a boring city with no salons but plenty of deliverymen and women for online shopping. Boy, am I grateful to them! Good news though: I should finally be able to get cable and internet installed this week!

Favorite Clothing Item

I love that this summery top gives me the tunic and sleeve length I prefer. I am really loving the Knox Rose label from Target. I haven’t seen it in-store but they have a ton of cute things online.

Favorite Beauty Item

Confession: I am super lazy when it comes to putting on body lotion. How lazy? I probably don’t even put on body lotion once a month. I rely on using a moisturizing body wash and products like this one. I can get it over with while I’m in the shower and I actually feel like I put on lotion. Given that I’m well on my way to mid-40s, I really need to start being nicer to my skin!

Favorite New Home Item

I LOVE this TV stand. The quality is amazing and the look is clean and modern. Whether I go full-on midcentury modern or dip into Martyn Lawrence Bullard Hollywood glam, I feel like it will fit my eventual style.

Favorite Snack

I don’t do the strict keto diet but keto-approved sweets help me cut down on sugar. I’m actually skeptical of most keto sweets and snacks because many have an ingredients list that’s a mile long. These aren’t too bad and they’re really good, especially if you love dark chocolate. You also get a hefty amount for the price and calories.

Favorite Subscription Box

I recently signed up for Hungry Harvest, a company that delivers seasonal fruits and vegetables. The service is a way to use produce that don’t make the cut when selling at wholesale because of size and appearance based on arbitrary standards. I get the $15 box every two weeks. If you use this link, we both get $10 off! It’s totally customizable — you can add foods to your no list (all peppers!) and to your yes list (avocados!). Additionally, a few days before delivery you can look at what’s coming, swap things out or add if the prices are good. Last week avocados were only $1, so I took advantage!

My first box had kale, sweet potatoes, avocados, carrots, zucchini, and apples!

Favorite Book

Full disclosure: I bought this book as a gift for a friend and enjoyed flipping through it before parting with it. If the pages of the recipe for “Pain Au Bacon” stick together… it wasn’t me. Since baking during a pandemic seems to be all the rage, this book is definitely good motivation.

Note: By using some of the links above, I may be compensated through the Amazon Affiliate program and Magic Links. However, none of this content is sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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